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How Can I Earn $1000 Today

“How Can I Earn $1000 Today” | Implementing the Question “What’s Closest to the Money?” Into Your Weekly Regime

Individual Audio Program with Head Coach Andrea J. Lee | One 60-Minute Recording AND user-friendly mini-workbook

Our individual audio programs are designed to be like laser coaching sessions – exactly what you need at the moment, and only that, no fluff or distractions.  You could say ‘pin pointed’ and appropriately highly affordable. If you anticipate more than one of our individual audios will be useful to you, we also have bundles available. Details below.


What’s in the way of you making an extra thousand dollars today (and by extension, every day)? Is it that you feel you don’t know how? Maybe you feel $1000 in just one day would take too many steps. Or, could it be that you simply don’t believe it’s possible?

It’s funny, even though many business owners feel as though they can hit their monthly or yearly revenue goals, when put on the spot to make $1000 today, they can become paralyzed. It’s as if the goal gets too close to home and out of focus, like a newspaper that’s being held right in front of your nose. And yet, there is an excellent muscle you can develop here – if you can learn to Johnny-on-the-spot, identify your fastest paths to money, say, for example, through a goal like ‘let me earn $1000 today’ it will only be a matter of replicating that to reach $30,000 per month, or $360,000 per annum within striking distance.

In this audio you’ll learn:

  • how to approach revenue generation with a new mindset (quick, simple, direct)
  • leveraging that new mindset, how to implement in ways that allow you to, again quickly, simply and directly, generate revenue ongoingly
  • the game aspect of revenue generation, which can lighten your relationship with your business considerably.

By the way, if you follow the steps outlined, it truly can work – $1000 today, that is.

To purchase this single audio program now, just click the bright green button below.  Or, if more than one of our audio titles would be useful to you, we’ve made some packages available here.

Simple Multimedia | Individual Audio in MP3 format plus PDF notes, available immediately via download:

MP3 recording and PDF notes: USD $25.00 (as this is a digital offering, there are no shipping or handling extras)

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