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Multiple Streams Complete System

multiplestreams_3productpackage_252x189The Multiple Streams Complete Collection is a package that includes three items:

1. The Multiple Streams of Coaching Income paperback book (USD $24.95)

2. The Multiple Streams of Coaching Income Implementation Workbook including 200 page workbook and 5 CDs (USD $197)

3. The 5 Advanced Strategies for Multiple Streams of Coaching Income Multimedia Kit including mini-workbook and 5 CDs (USD $127)

For more details, including full outlines, samples and real-life success stories from individuals who have utilized the above, click on the individual links and you will be brought to the appropriate information pages.

After over 1000 hours of individual coaching on the specific topic of how to create multiple streams of income for the active coach, plus a track record of having directly and indirectly supported coaches to generate multiple millions of dollars in income, this complete package represents the culmination of Head Coach Andrea J. Lee’s leadership in the field of coaching.

If you are a self-motivated learner and wish to open your mind to the possibilities of life beyond 1-on-1 coaching…

If you are disciplined enough to fill in worksheets, do some online research, and believe you have something important to say to many more people than you could 1-on-1…

And if you are ready to use your intelligence to traverse the path-less-taken – including how to build your coaching business for the long haul AND/OR sell the equity value of your coaching business…

You will be able to take a great deal of ground through this package.

Created on sound curriculum development principles, you will learn not just the facts, but how to adapt a new way of thinking about income-generation as a coach to the myriad new situations that you will face in future. It is not just a set of things to do but a new way of relating to opportunities such that you can see them, firstly, and secondly, can seize them. See them, then seize them, and make money from them.

In short, self-empowered learning, not cookie-cutter following of something that goes out of date.

Perhaps the most edifying thing that remains to say about this package is this: the reason Andrea created it was so that she could transmit the knowledge, experience and confidence she gained making multiple million dollar plus businesses in the coaching sphere. She gained this set of expertise through the good fortune of working with Thomas Leonard, the father of modern professional coaching, and this collection passes that along.

If you’re a coach who has previously purchased the book, we invite you to make a gift of the second copy to a valued colleague or friend, for the difference it may make in their lives – thank you.


The Multiple Streams Complete Collection in one payment | The Multiple Streams of Coaching Income, available immediately via download:

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The Multiple Streams Complete Collection in 3 payments | The Multiple Streams of Coaching Income, available immediately via download:

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The Multiple Streams of Coaching Income System is responsible for creating multiple millions of dollars in coaching income.

Learn its principles and implement…there is no reason why it would not work for you as well.

Our goal is to exceed, not just meet, your satisfaction, and in support of that, you have 90 days to enjoy and utilize your purchase. Within that timeframe if you are not satisfied for some reason, we invite you to contact us for a full refund.

alicia“Hi Andrea and Tina…

I had to write to tell you that I did it – I made $10k this month! And I did it by following your ‘pink spoon’ marketing model. Although I’ve been applying the concepts you teach for awhile now, it still astounds me that this simple business model is so incredibly powerful – and I’m so grateful for that!

As a busy mom of two little ones and a serious business owner, I needed something very simple to follow, but effective enough to bring me the kind of income I want to make, by working as little as possible for it. Because the less time I spend on my business, the more time I get to spend with my family – and by following the ‘pink spoon’ model, one way I get to spend that time is by taking the entire summer off to be vacation at a waterfront cottage with my family while still putting money in the bank. It’s amazing.

I’ll admit that before I was introduced to the Multiple Streams Workbook, my online business was floundering at best. Once I started applying the concepts of a free taste and building a relationship with my market, not only did it feel so much more authentic, but my business actually started to turn a profit.

Within 4 months, I went from zero income and 17 people on my email list to hundreds of people on my list and to converting 40% of them into buying customers for my first information product. That’s an incredible conversion rate! And that was about three years ago. I now have thousands of people on my list and generate thousands of dollars each and every month, all from following this very simple business model.

You know, ladies, I’ve realized (with much chagrin) that I didn’t have to spend the thousands of dollars or the hours of time I did getting my MBA. All I needed was Multiple Streams!”

- Alicia Forest, ClientAbundance.com


donmacnaughtonAmong the world’s top names in business and personal development…

“Over the last 10 years I have worked with and been coached by some of the world’s top names both in business and personal development. Andrea is undoubtedly up there with the best.

Her deep wisdom, emotional intelligence and most of all her practical application has made a significant positive impact on my business in a relatively short period of time. For coaches wanting to grow themselves and their business I would definitely recommend Andrea Lee.”
- Donald McNaughton, Scotland | www.ZonedInPerformance.com


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