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    Parent Coaching Services

    Dr. Shelly Wold is a licensed clinical psychologist who provides parent coaching as well as in-home visits as needed in Marin County. Dr. Wold has over 15 years of experience working with parents and children with neurodiversity. She is trained in Early Start Denver Model (ESDM) from UC Davis Mind Institute as well as trauma-informed care. She provides parent coaching and consultation on complex problem behaviors, and is an expert in working with neurodiverse children (e.g. ASD, ADHD). Dr. Wold provides uniquely tailored treatment plans for each family based on the family’s values and a conscious parenting paradigm. When necessary, she can provide time-limited in-home treatment to enable parents to learn strategies and skills to help their children quickly, through engaging and evidenced-based practices. Dr. Wold is the founder of a behavioral health agency and served as the CEO for 11 years until transitioning full-time into private practice. She has been board certified as a Behavior Analyst since 2012.

    Thought Partners provides two options for parent coaching. 1) Parent coaching may occur when we work with your child or teen for 1:1 weekly therapy. We often offer parent coaching sessions as an adjunct to this service every 4-8 weeks (or as needed based on your child’s presenting issues). Or 2) Parent coaching is offered as a stand-alone service if we are not currently treating your child or teen in weekly therapy. Topics may include:

    • Building the non-reactive muscle in parenting to reduce conflict
    • Rebuilding and maintaining connection with your child or teen
    • Establishing routines, structure, and appropriate reward systems encourage new appropriate behaviors
    • Consultation on challenging behaviors such as screaming, school refusal, avoidance/withdrawal, aggression, anxiety, etc.
    • Learning coping strategies in parenting, such as mindfulness and research-based tools to effectively communicate with your child or teen, reduce conflict, and increase connection
    • Unpack your own “parenting baggage” and clarify your values to determine the type of parent you would like to be