• Lisa Lukianoff, PSY.D Associate

    Dr. Lukianoff is a registered psychological assistant completing her hours towards licensure. She received her doctorate in clinical psychology which included research and a dissertation publication in neuroscience, examining mirror neurons and empathy. She has experience working with children, families, couples, and individuals.

    Dr. Lukianoff incorporates psychodynamic therapeutic techniques like working with intersubjectivity, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and mindfulness in her work with clients. She provides Psychoeducation (PE) as a didactic intervention to enhance the therapeutic process.

    Working with children she helps to identify and understand emotions and emotional regulation. Sometimes this can include to whole family to facilitate a healing therapeutic process. Her work with couples includes some Emotion Focused Therapy skills training, identifying attachment styles and psychodynamic techniques.

    Previously, Dr. Lukianoff worked as a clinical fellow specializing in behavioral medicine, biofeedback, CBT, psychotherapy and health psychology treating trauma and chronic pain patients. In this setting she gained experience working with a multicultural client population, including client session interpreters in Tagalog, Mandarin, Spanish and Serbian.

    Her prior clinical psychotherapy experience as a psychotherapist included working with children, couples, individuals, and families. In this setting she gained experience helping families navigate various challenges, which included blended families.

    Prior to her Psy.D., and concurrently while earning her doctorate and doing clinical work, Dr. Lukianoff worked in the private business sector as an HR and finance manager, and as a business financial consultant. This experience provided valuable insight into the challenges of working parents navigating both careers and family life.

    She enjoys hiking and trail running with her dog, friends, and husband.

    Psychological Associate Registration #: 94026359