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    Online Therapy in the Bay Area and throughout California

    Save travel time, save gas money, help the earth?

    One thing we can all agree on is that the pandemic forced us online. We learned to do things we never thought possible through a screen. In the beginning, it felt like a strain, trying to shift to this new platform, however, we seemed to adapt fairly quickly. Before we knew it, we didn’t feel the difference quite as much as we had in the beginning. 

    Being providers who can offer telehealth to people throughout California has been such an incredible opportunity for us. Our Hippa-compliant software makes telehealth easy and accessible for everyone. 

    Don’t have a quiet space to use in your home? No problem! Now you can participate in therapy from anywhere. We can’t count the amount of sessions we’ve had with clients from their cars or in a park. The convenience of telehealth means you never have to sit in traffic and worry you’ll be late for your appointment. Heck, you don’t even have to put on real pants! 

    Our team of compassionate clinicians are ready to meet you where you are at, literally.  Easy to use with a computer or even your phone. You will find our platform simple and straightforward. 72 hours prior and again at the time of the session, you will receive a link that will connect you to your therapist. You will be pleased with the ease of online therapy with us. 

    There’s no more excuses, contact us today to start online therapy!