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    Parent Coaching in San Francisco, CA and Marin Counties

    Parenting is Challenging, and We Are Here to Help.

    We get it, you’re exhausted.Parenting is a difficult job, even under the best of circumstances. While parenting has many joys, it also has many challenges. It requires patience, persistence, unconditional love, creativity, and a never-ending supply of energy. Being a parent means you are responsible for another person’s growth. As well as their development, and well-being. This challenge can be overwhelming for many, especially when raising children with neurodiversity. Such as ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorder, learning disorders, and anxiety.


    You’re a parent who is struggling with your child’s challenging behavior, it’s affecting the entire family. Or, you are a first-time parent who wants to build skills while your child is still young to set a healthy foundation. Or you’ve already talked to many experts and haven’t yet found an intervention that worked for your family. 


    Thought Partners provides Parent Coaching based on the Conscious Parenting paradigm. This is an effective method for connecting with your child. It improves cooperation, and emotional intelligence, and strengthens family relationships. You want the best for your family and need support as all families do. We are here to help. 

    What is Conscious Parenting Coaching?

    Conscious Parenting Coaching is a powerful, transformative approach. An approach that bridges the gap between traditional and modern approaches to parenting. It is a process of deepening our connection with our children, partners, and ourselves. Learning to become attuned to each other’s needs and various ways of communicating. Through this, we can begin to cultivate a strong, conscious relationship. Relationships that are based on reciprocal respect, trust, and empathy. Conscious Parenting Coaching also helps us to explore our own inner world. This allows us to become more aware of our thoughts, feelings, and beliefs so that we can respond with more understanding and acceptance. 


    At Thought Partners, we base our approach on the understanding that our children are our teachers and our partners in parenting, rather than the ones we control. Conscious Parenting encourages us to see the greater purpose of parenting, beyond basic survival and discipline. Instead, focusing on developing meaningful relationships with our children, and fostering inner growth.

    What Are The Goals of Parent Coaching at Thought Partners?

    At Thought Partners, we believe that you, as the parent, have the knowledge and ability to create a nurturing environment for your children, and you can benefit from extra guidance. Through our parent coaching, you are able to explore your own parenting style, to identify areas where you need growth or improvement. You know where to gain greater insight into your children’s needs. The goal of our parent coaching program is to equip parents with the tools they need to foster a positive, secure, and healthy relationship with their children. Additionally, we help parents gain insight into their own parenting styles and beliefs so that they can make more conscious choices that align with their values. 


    Our therapists provide parents with the following tools:

    • Learn how to handle common parenting challenges

    • Set appropriate and healthy boundaries

    • Respond to difficult behaviors, such as dealing with tantrums

    • Increase mindfulness to learn to respond versus react

    • Increase attunement to your children’s needs

    • Foster authentic communication

    • Developing self-awareness to understand triggers (often from your own childhood experiences)

    • Learn effective communication strategies for your child or teen. This will reduce conflict and increase your connection

    • Unpack your own “parenting baggage” and clarify your values. This helps determine the type of parent you would like to be.


    Parent coaching helps parents foster meaningful relationships. It creates a space where everyone is supported and inspired to be the best version of themselves.

    Who Benefits From Parent Coaching at Thought Partners?

    Parents of all kinds – first-time parents, single parents, adoptive parents, and veteran parents – can benefit from Conscious Parenting Coaching. By learning how to become more mindful and better attuned to their children, parents can develop positive practices that support the unique needs of their families. Conscious Parenting Coaching can also provide invaluable insight for parents, by understanding their own parenting styles and beliefs so they can make conscious choices that align with their values. Parent coaching is an invaluable tool for any parent. Parents looking to deepen their connection with their children as well as cultivate more meaningful relationships.


    Parent coaching can provide a space for all family members to come together. A place to discuss your needs, struggles, and successes to create a more harmonious and secure family environment. Our parent coaching services help create an environment where parents are supported, empowered, and inspired to be the best version of themselves as parents and educators.

    Parent Coaching is Beneficial For Those Who Are Parents of Neurodiverse Kids

    Parent coaching can also be beneficial for parents of children with neurodiversity. Neurodiversity refers to the wide range of variations in how the brain processes information. Including those associated with autism, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), dyslexia, and other forms of learning disabilities. Parent coaching for children with neurodiversity is beneficial. Especially for parents seeking to enhance their understanding of how to support their child’s unique needs. 


    Our parent coaching can help parents to better understand their child’s needs and create an environment of support and respect. Through this process, parents can learn strategies and interventions that foster positive communication and behavior, while also helping their children build self-confidence and resilience.

    Why Choose Thought Partners?

    At Thought Partners, we understand the unique challenges parents face. Especially when raising children with neurodiversity. We provide tailored and comprehensive parent coaching services based on the Conscious Parenting approach. Our experienced professionals specialize in helping parents of children with learning disabilities. Such as autism, ADHD, and other forms of neurodiversity. 


    Our team has decades of combined experience in providing evidence-based interventions. Interventions for managing behavior. As well as improving family dynamics and understanding the needs of diverse learners. We commit to helping parents create an atmosphere of understanding, acceptance, and support for their children. An atmosphere that will foster positive outcomes. We strive to empower families through education and effective communication. So that each child can reach their highest potential. Let us help you and your family flourish.

    Therapists at Thought Partners Who Provide Parent Coaching Services:

    Shelly Wold, PsyD

    Dr. Shelly Wold is a licensed clinical psychologist who provides parent coaching. She uses the conscious parenting approach for families throughout California. Dr. Wold has expertise in working with parents and children with neurodiversity (e.g. ASD, ADHD, learning disorders). As well as anxiety, school refusal, and OCD.

    She provides tailored treatment plans for each family. Treatments are based on the family’s values and innovative interventions while focusing on connection and collaboration in the home. Dr. Wold is the founder of a behavioral health agency that provided behavioral therapy to children and their families. She served as the CEO for 11 years until transitioning full-time into private practice. She has been board certified as a Behavior Analyst since 2012.


    Julianne Guida, PsyD

    Dr. Guida provides parent coaching to support parents in deepening their connection with their children. Using a Conscious Parenting Paradigm, Dr. Guida seeks to address cycles of behavior. Cycles that lead to painful feelings of disconnection and frustration. Oftentimes, within these challenging moments are opportunities for growth and healing. She is passionate about helping individuals and strengthening their relationships with themselves and their families. 

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    Parenting can be difficult, but with parent coaching, you can enhance your parenting techniques. One of our specialized therapists will provide you with support and guidance so you can parent to the best of your ability. To start parent coaching, follow these easy steps!

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    Other Mental Health Services Offered at Thought Partners

    At Thought Partners, we know mental health can be challenging. And it’s not uncommon for people to struggle with more than one thing. Maybe you aren’t just looking for parent coaching, but are also interested in progressing in other areas of your life with a therapist. Along with parent coaching, our team offers child therapy, teen therapy, and individual therapy for adults. Our services also include therapy for anxiety, grief therapy, EMDR/trauma therapy, and couples therapy. We specialize in reproductive health and fertility therapy, postpartum depression and anxiety therapy, and therapy for new mothers. Thought Partners also offers online therapy in the state of California. For more about us check out our blog and FAQs!