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    Trauma Therapy in Marin County, CA

    You Are Stronger Than You Know. You Achieve More Than You Believe.

    You’re a woman who has all the intentions of being the best mom, wife, and boss that you can be. However, at times you feel like something is holding you back and preventing you from achieving your goals. 

    You’ve been living with your trauma for years but have noticed it bubbling up at inopportune moments like the holidays, during childbirth, or when you’re stressed at work. You might not even consider this to be trauma until you start to unpack it a little more. While you believe you could get by ‘fine’ without processing it, you don’t want to settle for just ‘fine’. You deserve better.  You deserve to feel empowered so that you can be your most present and highest self. Self-actualization is within reach and it starts with addressing your past experiences.

    What are the Signs and Symptoms of Trauma?

    50% or more people in their lifetime experience at least one trauma. This doesn’t have to always be one big past event. It could be an experience such as bullying, a breakup, an emotionally absent parent, birth trauma, infertility, or losing a job. These past experiences (big or small) can have a lasting impact on one’s life.

    The signs and symptoms of trauma can vary depending on the individual, however, some common symptoms include:

    Photo of a woman covering her face with her hands in a dark room. Don't face your trauma alone. With trauma therapy in San Francisco, CA you can begin to manage your unresolved trauma symptoms.

    • Flashbacks or intrusive thoughts
    • Trouble sleeping/nightmares
    • Increased startle response
    • Feeling disconnected from one’s self and environment
    • Avoidance 
    • Depression or anxiety
    • Anger outbursts
    • Low self-worth and feelings of guilt

    Experiences that you had in the past can shape you and your future. The smaller experiences that you thought were insignificant can also leave an impact. Whether you’re dealing with “big T” or “little t” trauma, you are deserving of support. 

    What are the Benefits of Trauma Therapy?

    The benefits of therapy are unique to every individual, however, it will help you confront your pain while also providing a sense of safety and security. You are strong and your resilience is greater than you think. You deserve to be heard and to be given the opportunity to fully process what you’ve been through.

    Some of the benefits of trauma therapy include:

    • Gaining an understanding of the experiences that have impacted your life
    • Offering tools and reframes to help manage difficult feelings and cope with stressful situations
    • Improving connections with people in your life
    • Gaining an understanding of how to cope with triggers
    • Increasing self-esteem and confidence
    • Eliminating avoidance behaviors
    • Reducing symptoms of trauma and PTSD

    Through therapy, you can process your past experiences and gain the skills to move forward.  You can gain freedom from the pain and control so that you can reach your highest potential. This way you can start living a life that is meaningful and aligned with your values.

    We are a Team of Dedicated and Passionate Therapists Who Can Help

    At Thought Partners, the goal of our specialized therapists is for our clients to no longer need to tightly control all of their experiences. Instead, we want our clients to learn different ways to respond to their emotional experiences, memories, and physical sensations. We have worked with many women who had past experiences that hold them back from becoming their highest selves. Through trauma therapy, we have been able to help these individuals process their pain and empower them so that they can create the lives that they wanted.

    We Feel Honored to be a Part of This Process With You

    Through therapy, we want you to realize that you can carry the burden of your trauma without being consumed by it. Our therapists know it can be hard living in the present moment when the past is holding you back. We may not be able to take the pain away, but we want to help you reduce your suffering. We do not take the courageous step that you have taken lightly and feel privileged to be a part of your journey.

    Photo of a woman speaking with a trauma therapist in the bay area to help cope with her trauma. Learn how trauma therapy in San Francisco, CA can help you.

    Our Approach to Trauma Therapy

    Our approach to therapy is by providing a safe and supportive environment that promotes healing. Through our work, we want to give our clients the tools to process their trauma so they can make choices consistent with their values. 

    Our therapists do this by increasing our client’s awareness and by helping them reconnect to themselves and the present moment, as trauma often creates a disconnect. By providing our clients with different strategies and tools, such as mindfulness or grounding techniques, they can self-regulate their emotions and manage any difficult feelings or sensations before they become overwhelming.

    Our therapists at Thought Partners use a blend of different modalities and strategies to best fit the unique needs of our clients. We also utilize EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) when appropriate. However, when it comes to trauma, we also use other modalities in our therapy such as Somatic Therapy, Mindfulness-Based Behavioral Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and Exposure Therapy. All of these approaches are tailored to the individual to best suit their needs and goals. These approaches are all evidence-based and have proven to be effective in treating trauma.

    EMDR as an Approach 

    Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) has been proven to be effective in treating trauma. It’s an evidence-based form of trauma therapy that focuses on helping people heal from the effects of traumatic experiences or events. EMDR uses bilateral stimulation to help the brain reprocess and integrate traumatic experiences, so they no longer have an overwhelming emotional impact. Its efficacy brings relief from the symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and other anxiety-related issues.

    EMDR can be used with children and adults for both “Big T” and “Little t” traumas. For example,  it can be used to help clients process and gain freedom from a miscarriage, abuse, bullying, or a difficult breakup. EMDR is an approach that helps clients gain relief from their overwhelming emotions while processing the event and gaining insight into their thoughts and behaviors.

    This helps with enhancing self-awareness, self-regulation, and resilience. It also enhances the connection to the self and others. At Thought Partners, we use EMDR when it is appropriate for our clients as we believe it can have a powerful impact. EMDR can be used in conjunction with other modalities to help move the client toward healing. Ultimately, EMDR helps to create a shift in the way our clients think and feel about their experiences so they can find relief and live with more ease.

    Begin Trauma Therapy in California

    At Thought Partners, we recognize the courage it takes to seek help for your experiences. We are here to support you through this process and we are committed to helping you heal and find the life you want. Our team of experienced therapists is here to be your partner in this journey. We can work with you to find an approach that will work for you and make sure you feel safe along the way. Let us be your thought partner. If you’re interested in starting online therapy:

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